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BioCARS User Publication is One of 20 Most Read Articles in Structural Dynamics in 2016

Feb. 22 2017

Time-resolved solution scattering studies of a homodimeric hemoglobin conducted at BioCARS 14-ID beamline linked the perturbation in the water cluster at the dimer interface to the kinetics and structures of intermediate states in this hemoglobin.

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Kim, J. G., Muniyappan, S., Oang, K. Y., Kim, T. W., Yang, C., Kim, K. H., Kim, J., and Ihee, H. (2016)
Cooperative protein structural dynamics of homodimeric hemoglobin linked to water cluster at subunit interface revealed by time-resolved X-ray solution scattering
Structural Dynamics 3, 023610.

Science Careers in Search of Women Conference, Tour of BioCARS

April 14th, 2016

On April 14, 2016, ANL hosted the annual Science Careers in Search of Women Conference and CARS helped facilitate.  Female high school students were given the opportunity to learn more about STEM careers, in an effort to increase the representation of women in the science and technology fields.  At BioCARS, the students spoke to Dr. Vukica Srajer about time-resolved macromolecular crystallography BioCARS.  Students walked away with a better understanding of the synchrotron facilities and importance of macromolecular crystallography for understanding structure and function of biological molecules, essential for addressing important questions related to human health.

Workshop - Tracking Electronic and Structural Dynamics in Proteins and Materials at Sector 14

May 13th, 2015

The major upgrade to the BioCARS 14-ID beamline [1] produced unprecedented time-resolved capabilities that have been exploited for x-ray science spanning biology, chemistry, materials science, and physics. More recently, a new area detector (Rayonix MX340-HS, a 60-megapixel high-readout-rate integrating area detector) and secondary Kirkpatrick-Baez focusing mirrors were installed. The new equipment expands opportunities for time-resolved X-ray diffraction and solution scattering at 14-ID even further, by providing ~15 x 15 µm2 focused pink or monochromatic beam.

New CARS Director, Dr. Mark Rivers

September 1st, 2013

Effective September 1, 2013, Dr. Mark Rivers was appointed by the Dean of the Physical Sciences, Dr. Edward (Rocky) Kolb as the next Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Radiation Sources (CARS) replacing Dr. P. James Viccaro who had held the position for the past ten years.  A reception was held on September 12th to mark the transition. During his remarks at that event, Jim noted that the success of CARS is due to its’ talented and dedicated staff.  Mark agreed that the strengths, skills and commitment of the staff will be critical to position CARS to meet the challenges, as well as new opportunities, on the horizon, and thanked Jim for his leadership and vision over the past decade in shaping CARS into its present status as a world-class facility.

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Time-Resolved X-ray Science At BioCARS: Past, Present, And Future

May 9, 2013

The last major upgrade to the BioCARS 14ID beamline, completed in 2008, produced unprecedented time-resolved capabilities that have been exploited in many areas of X-ray science spanning biology, chemistry and physics. An APS-funded upgrade aims to further expand the capabilities of the 14ID beamline for the Physical Sciences. This workshop will bring together practitioners of time-resolved X-ray science to (1) discuss current capabilities and use of 14ID, and (2) discuss future challenges, needs and opportunities provided by the APS Upgrade to this diverse scientific community.

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Moffat Appointed Senior Advisor For Life Sciences At The APS

November 30, 2011

The Advanced Photon Source (APS) is the Western Hemisphere’s most powerful source of x-rays for research. It attracts more than 4,000 users from academia, industry, and government laboratories around the world each year for research in all fields of science. In particular, almost half of the user community is in the life sciences area. The appointment of a Senior Advisor for Life Sciences at the APS (SALSA) to provide a stronger linkage with the life sciences community has been recommended by APS review committees and has been a priority for APS management. Furthermore, ongoing preparations for a major upgrade to the APS require strategic decisions that will benefit from the advice provided by an expert in this field. Following the recommendation of a search committee composed of APS management and users, BioCARS PI Prof. Keith Moffat was appointed to this position.

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Moffat To Receive ACA Patterson Award

July 11, 2011

BioCARS Principal Investigator Keith Moffat has been selected as the recipient of the 2011 Patterson Award, given by the American Crystallographic Association. The award, established in 1980 to honor A. Lindo Patterson, recognizes and encourages outstanding research in the structure of matter by diffraction methods, including significant contributions to the methodology of structure determination and/or innovative application of diffraction methods and/or elucidation of biological, chemical, geological, or physical phenomena using new structural information. Moffat will be honored for his work in pioneering ultrafast time resolved x-ray diffraction using synchrotron radiation to capture the function of fundamental protein processes at atomic resolution.

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