Moffat Appointed Senior Advisor For Life Sciences At The APS

November 30, 2011

The Advanced Photon Source (APS) is the Western Hemisphere’s most powerful source of x-rays for research. It attracts more than 4,000 users from academia, industry, and government laboratories around the world each year for research in all fields of science. In particular, almost half of the user community is in the life sciences area. The appointment of a Senior Advisor for Life Sciences at the APS (SALSA) to provide a stronger linkage with the life sciences community has been recommended by APS review committees and has been a priority for APS management. Furthermore, ongoing preparations for a major upgrade to the APS require strategic decisions that will benefit from the advice provided by an expert in this field. Following the recommendation of a search committee composed of APS management and users, BioCARS PI Prof. Keith Moffat was appointed to this position.

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