14 ID Beamline


The 14-ID-B station is an insertion device station with two in-line undulators (U23 and U27). It supports Laue and Time-Resolved Crystallography, and Time-Resolved Solution Scattering. It also supports all standard macromolecular crystallography techniques.




  • Si (111) double-crystal monochromator
  • KB mirror system



Beam Characteristics

  • Energy range:
    7-20 keV (monochromatic)
    polychromatic (pink and white) beam capability
  • Bandpass:
    ΔE/E: 1.4 x 10-4 (monochromatic)
    ΔE/E: 5 x 10-2 (polychromatic)
  • Beam size, horizontal x vertical (FWHM):
    0.095 x 0.030 mm2




  • Sample positioning:
    Kappa diffractometer; inclined detector geometry supported
    goniometer head with xyz-translation
    B&W and color sample alignment camera
    automated crystal centering
  • Sample to detector distance:
    70 to 800 mm adjustable
  • Sample temperature control:
    liquid nitrogen sample cooler
    FTS cooler
  • Rayonix MX340-HS



Other Equipment/Facilities Available