Apply for Beamtime


Applying For Beamtime

All BioCARS users must apply for beamtime by first submitting a proposal through the APS General User Program (GUP).  Proposals are peer reviewed and scored by a General User Proposal Review Panel, and beamtime is allocated on the basis of scores and feasibility. A new beamtime request (BTR) must be submitted each APS run cycle for an active APS user proposal. Proposals expire in two years or when the number of shifts recommended in the peer review have been used, whichever comes first.

Proposals and associated beamtime requests can be submitted either as regular requests, prior to the Deadline for each APS run cycle, or as
Rapid Access Requests on a continuous basis.  To be considered for beamtime at BioCARS, please request beamline 14 ID-B or 14 BM-C as your first choice beamline.