Applying for Beamtime: New Users


For detailed information and forms, please visit the APS New User page.


  1. Submit an APS User Registration Form for each user.
    Non-U.S. Citizens must have security clearance before access to the laboratory can be granted. Because this process takes several weeks, we encourage users to register with the APS as soon as possible. Upon registration you will receive an APS badge number.
  2. Review the Proposal Process and Submit a Proposal.
  3. Establish a User Agreement. The institution sponsoring the user's work at the APS must have a signed user agreement in place before any hands-on work may be conducted. A list of institutions with signed agreements is available for consultation in the page listed above.
  4. Open a material & supplies account (Proprietary Research or
    Non-Proprietary Research) with Argonne National Laboratory if you wish to purchase supplies in the APS stockroom.
  5. Once beamtime has been allocated and BioCARS has contacted you with dates, complete an Experiment Safety Assessment Form (ESAF) via the link sent in your confirmation letter or by logging in to the APS Scheduling System. Complete the ESAF at least 10 business days before your visit. The ESAF must be approved by both BioCARS and APS safety personnel before you can begin work.
  6. Complete all required training Remotely or immediately upon arrival.
  7. When your work is published, send the publication to the APS (  Include the BioCARS
    Acknowledgment Statement in your publications.