Processing Computers


BioCARS has two primary computers that are available for users to process data.  Access to these machines is available from any of the floor computers.

  • Log into any of the computers in the facility using the beamline specific username (userbmc, or useridb) and the general password (look in the User Handbook in each station).
  • Open an xterm and type "ssh userbmc@bm14c5" (for BMC) or "ssh useridb@helix" (for IDB) on the command line to connect to the corresponding processing computer. Use the same password as above.
  • Move into the general data directory by typing "cd /data". Your group data directory should be visible in this directory. You can then “cd” into your directory and start data processing. 



A full list of programs currently available on the processing computers can be found on the Software Page.