BioCARS operates within the safety regulations of The University of Chicago, Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory and the Advanced Photon Source, supplemented where appropriate by guidelines from other agencies or safety authorities. The Executive Director of CARS is responsible for the safe operation of the CARS beamlines and the associated experimental facilities.



Safety Documents

  • APS Safety Information
    APS experiment safety envelopes, training requirements, reference documents, user training courses, and experimental safety forms.
  • Integrated Safety Management (ISM) at Argonne
    Documents and descriptions for Argonne's ISM process.
  • ANL ES&H Manual
    ANL Environment, Safety and Health Manual (Argonne access only): chapters and table of contents, searchable by chapter title, revision date, and full text.
  • CARS Safety Plan: PDF or Word



Hazardous Materials

For shipping of biohazardous materials to BioCARS please contact:

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is forbidden to transport to ANL or perform experiments at the APS with any of the Select Agents Listed by the CDC, and any of the high consequence livestock and plant pathogens and toxins listed in APHIS Agriculture Select Agents. The penalties for violating this law are severe. The APS is not registered with the CDC to possess, receive, or transport Select Agents.

Users are NOT allowed to bring/ship hazardous substances (substances identified as hazardous by DOT or IATA such as liquid nitrogen, propane, freon or ethane) directly to BioCARS. These substances have to be shipped to the address given below.

Under no circumstances may users transport a nonexempt hazardous material to the APS in their own vehicle. To have a hazardous material shipped to CARS, please inform the CARS staff user contact of shipment and address the package to:

  • CARS Staff Person Name
    BioCARS, Building 434-B
    c/o HazMat Receiving, Building 46
    9700 South Cass Avenue
    Argonne, IL 60439

All substances MUST be packaged and labeled according to the
DOT Regulations or Argonne National Lab Receiving will refuse to accept the shipment. Please contact your local Safety Office for assistance with proper shipping methods.