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BioCARS staff members, together with users, contribute actively to dissemination of important scientific results based on the research conducted at the BioCARS facility. The major forms of dissemination are publications and participation at national and international conferences and workshops.



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  1. Berntsson, O., Diensthuber, R. P., Panman, M. R., Björling, A., Gustavsson, E., Hoernke, M., Hughes, A. J., Henry, L., Niebling, S., Takala, H., Ihalainen, J. A., Newby, G., Kerruth, S., Heberle, J., Liebi, M., Menzel, A., Henning, R., Kosheleva, I., Möglich, A., and Westenhoff, S.
    Sequential conformational transitions and α-helical supercoiling regulate a sensor histidine kinase.
    Nat Commun 8. (2017)
  2. Berntsson, O., Diensthuber, R. P., Panman, M. R., Björling, A., Hughes, A. J., Henry, L., Niebling, S., Newby, G., Liebi, M., Menzel, A., Henning, R., Kosheleva, I., Möglich, A., and Westenhoff, S.
    Time-Resolved X-Ray Solution Scattering Reveals the Structural Photoactivation of a Light-Oxygen-Voltage Photoreceptor.
    Structure 25, 933–938.e3 (2017)
  3. Durbin, S. M., Landcastle, A., DiChiara, A., Wen, H., Walko, D., and Adams, B.
    Optical birefringence imaging of x-ray excited lithium tantalate.
    APL Photonics 2, 086102 (2017)
  4. Kelly, B. G., Loether, A. B., DiChiara, A. D., Henning, R. W., DeCamp, M. F., and Unruh, K. M.
    Lattice parameter evolution in Pt nanoparticles during photo-thermally induced sintering and grain growth.
    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 108, 104–108 (2017)
  5. Kelly, B. G., Loether, A., Unruh, K. M., DeCamp, M. F., and DiChiara, A. D. 
    X-ray diffraction study of laser-driven solid-state diffusional mixing and new phase formation in Ni-Pt multilayers.
    Phys. Rev. B 95, 064301 (2017)
  6. Moffat, K.
    CHAPTER 5:Dynamic and Static X-ray Scattering from Biological Systems on the Femtosecond to Nanosecond Time Scale
    in X-Ray Free Electron Lasers, pp 105-127 (2017)
  7. Rimmerman, D., Leshchev, D., Hsu, D. J., Hong, J., Kosheleva, I., and Chen, L. X.
    Direct Observation of Insulin Association Dynamics with Time-Resolved X-ray Scattering.
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 4413–4418 (2017)
  8. Sinha, K., Zhang, Y., Jiang, X., Wang, H., Wang, X., Zhang, X., Ryan, P. J., Kim, J.-W., Bowlan, J., Yarotski, D. A., Li, Y., DiChiara, A. D., Cheng, X., Wu, X., and Xu, X.
    Effects of biaxial strain on the improper multiferroicity in h−LuFeO3 films studied using the restrained thermal expansion method.
    Phys. Rev. B 95, 094110 (2017)
  9. Šrajer, V., and Schmidt, M.
    Watching proteins function with time-resolved x-ray crystallography.
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50, 373001 (2017)


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  1. Bertoni, R., Lorenc, M., Graber, T., Henning, R., Moffat, K., Létard, J.-F., and Collet, E.
    Cooperative elastic switching vs. laser heating in [Fe(phen) 2 (NCS) 2 ] spin-crossover crystals excited by a laser pulse.
    CrystEngComm 18, 7269–7275 (2016)

  2. Björling, A., Berntsson, O., Lehtivuori, H., Takala, H., Hughes, A. J., Panman, M., Hoernke, M., Niebling, S., Henry, L., Henning, R., Kosheleva, I., Chukharev, V., Tkachenko, N. V., Menzel, A., Newby, G., Khakhulin, D., Wulff, M., Ihalainen, J. A., and Westenhoff, S. (2016)
    tructural photoactivation of a full-length bacterial phytochrome
    Science Advances 2, e1600920 (2016)

  3. Cho, H. S., Schotte, F., Dashdorj, N., Kyndt, J., Henning, R., and Anfinrud, P. A.
    Picosecond Photobiology: Watching a Signaling Protein Function in Real Time via Time-Resolved Small- and Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 138, 8815–8823 (2016)

  4. Hekstra, D. R., White, K. I., Socolich, M. A., Henning, R. W., Šrajer, V., and Ranganathan, R.
    Electric-field-stimulated protein mechanics.
    Nature 540, 400–405 (2016)
  5. Jiang, X., Lu, H., Yin, Y., Zhang, X., Wang, X., Yu, L., Ahmadi, Z., Costa, P. S., DiChiara, A. D., Cheng, X., Gruverman, A., Enders, A., and Xu, X.
    Room temperature ferroelectricity in continuous croconic acid thin films.
    Applied Physics Letters 109, 102902 (2016)

  6. Kim, T. W., Yang, C., Kim, Y., Kim, J. G., Kim, J., Jung, Y. O., Jun, S., Lee, S. J., Park, S., Kosheleva, I., Henning, R., van Thor, J. J., and Ihee, H.
    Combined probes of X-ray scattering and optical spectroscopy reveal how global conformational change is temporally and spatially linked to local structural perturbation in photoactive yellow protein.
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 8911–8919 (2016)

  7. Loether, A., Adams, B. W., DiCharia, A., Gao, Y., Henning, R., Walko, D. A., and DeCamp, M. F.
    Pump–probe spectrometer for measuring x-ray induced strain.
    Optics Letters 41, 1977 (2016)

  8. Pande, K., Hutchison, C. D. M., Groenhof, G., Aquila, A., Robinson, J. S., Tenboer, J., Basu, S., Boutet, S., DePonte, D. P., Liang, M., White, T. A., Zatsepin, N. A., Yefanov, O., Morozov, D., Oberthuer, D., Gati, C., Subramanian, G., James, D., Zhao, Y., Koralek, J., Brayshaw, J., Kupitz, C., Conrad, C., Roy-Chowdhury, S., Coe, J. D., Metz, M., Xavier, P. L., Grant, T. D., Koglin, J. E., Ketawala, G., Fromme, R., Šrajer, V., Henning, R., Spence, J. C. H., Ourmazd, A., Schwander, P., Weierstall, U., Frank, M., Fromme, P., Barty, A., Chapman, H. N., Moffat, K., Thor, J. J. van, and Schmidt, M.
    Femtosecond structural dynamics drives the trans/cis isomerization in photoactive yellow protein.
    Science 352, 725–729 (2016)


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  1. Kaucikas, M., Fitzpatrick, A., Bryan, E., Struve, A., Henning, R., Kosheleva, I., Srajer, V., Groenhof, G., and Van Thor, J. J.
    Room temperature crystal structure of the fast switching M159T mutant of the fluorescent protein dronpa. 
    Proteins 83, 397–402 (2015)
  2. Marino, A., Cointe, M. B.-L., Lorenc, M., Toupet, L., Henning, R., DiChiara, A. D., Moffat, K., Bréfuel, N., and Collet, E.
    Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of photoexcited spin-state concentration waves. 
    Faraday Discuss. 177, 363–379 (2015)
  3. Pawate, A. S., Šrajer, V., Schieferstein, J., Guha, S., Henning, R., Kosheleva, I., Schmidt, M., Ren, Z., Kenis, P. J. A., and Perry, S. L. (2015)
    Towards time-resolved serial crystallography in a microfluidic device. 
    Acta Crystallographica Section F Structural Biology Communications 71, 823–830 (2015)
  4. Yang, X., Stojković, E. A., Ozarowski, W. B., Kuk, J., Davydova, E., and Moffat, K.
    Light Signaling Mechanism of Two Tandem Bacteriophytochromes. 
    Structure 23, 1179–1189 (2015)


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  1. Arnlund, D., Johansson, L. C., Wickstrand, C., Barty, A., Williams, G. J., Malmerberg, E., Davidsson, J., Milathianaki, D., DePonte, D. P., Shoeman, R. L., Wang, D., James, D., Katona, G., Westenhoff, S., White, T. A., Aquila, A., Bari, S., Berntsen, P., Bogan, M., van Driel, T. B., Doak, R. B., Kjær, K. S., Frank, M., Fromme, R., Grotjohann, I., Henning, R., Hunter, M. S., Kirian, R. A., Kosheleva, I., Kupitz, C., Liang, M., Martin, A. V., Nielsen, M. M., Messerschmidt, M., Seibert, M. M., Sjöhamn, J., Stellato, F., Weierstall, U., Zatsepin, N. A., Spence, J. C. H., Fromme, P., Schlichting, I., Boutet, S., Groenhof, G., Chapman, H. N., and Neutze, R.
    Visualizing a protein quake with time-resolved X-ray scattering at a free-electron laser.
    Nat Meth 11, 923–926 (2014)
  2. Jarzembska, K. N., Kamiński, R., Fournier, B., Trzop, E., Sokolow, J. D., Henning, R., Chen, Y., and Coppens, P.
    Shedding Light on the Photochemistry of Coinage-Metal Phosphorescent Materials: A Time-Resolved Laue Diffraction Study of an AgI–CuI Tetranuclear Complex. 
    Inorg. Chem. 53, 10594–10601 (2014)
  3. Jung, Y. O., Lee, J. H., Kim, J., Schmidt, M., Moffat, K., Šrajer, V., and Ihee, H.
    Reply to “Contradictions in X-ray structures of intermediates in the photocycle of photoactive yellow protein”.
    Nat Chem 6, 259–260 (2014)
  4. Keith Moffat
    Time-resolved crystallography and protein design: signalling photoreceptors and optogenetics.
    Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 369, 20130568 (2014)
  5. Perry, S. L., Guha, S., Pawate, A. S., Henning, R., Kosheleva, I., Srajer, V., Kenis, P. J. A., and Ren, Z.
    In Situ Serial Laue Diffraction on a Microfluidic Crystallization Device
    Journal of Applied Crystallography 47, 1975-1982 (2014)
  6. Takala, H., Björling, A., Berntsson, O., Lehtivuori, H., Niebling, S., Hoernke, M., Kosheleva, I., Henning, R., Menzel, A., Ihalainen, J. A., and Westenhoff, S.
    Signal amplification and transduction in phytochrome photosensors.
    Nature 509, 245–248 (2014)
  7. Tenboer, J., Basu, S., Zatsepin, N., Pande, K., Milathianaki, D., Frank, M., Hunter, M., Boutet, S., Williams, G. J., Koglin, J. E., Oberthuer, D., Heymann, M., Kupitz, C., Conrad, C., Coe, J., Roy-Chowdhury, S., Weierstall, U., James, D., Wang, D., Grant, T., Barty, A., Yefanov, O., Scales, J., Gati, C., Seuring, C., Srajer, V., Henning, R., Schwander, P., Fromme, R., Ourmazd, A., Moffat, K., Thor, J. J. V., Spence, J. C. H., Fromme, P., Chapman, H. N., and Schmidt, M.
    Time-resolved serial crystallography captures high-resolution intermediates of photoactive yellow protein.
    Science 346, 1242–1246 (2014)
  8. V. Šrajer
    Time-resolved Macromolecular Crystallography in Practice at BioCARS, Advanced Photon Source: From Data Collection to Structures of Intermediates
    Published in “The Future of Dynamic Structural Science, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology”
    (J.A.K. Howard, et al, Eds.), Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht, Chapter 17, pp. 237-251 (2014)

    (The final publication is available here
  9. van Thor, J. J., Warren, M. M., Lincoln, C. N., Chollet, M., Lemke, H. T., Fritz, D. M., Schmidt, M., Tenboer, J., Ren, Z., Srajer, V., Moffat, K., and Graber, T.
    Signal to noise considerations for single crystal femtosecond time resolved crystallography of the Photoactive Yellow Protein.
    Faraday Discuss. 171, 439–455 (2014)


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  1. J.Chen, M. Trigo, S. Fahy, E. D. Murray, Y. M. Sheu, T. Graber, R. Henning, Y. J. Chien, C. Uher, and D. A. Reis
    Time- and momentum-resolved probe of heat transport in photo-excited bismuth
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 181903 (May 2013)
  2. Davis, K. M., Kosheleva, I., Henning, R. W., Seidler, G. T., and Pushkar, Y.
    Kinetic Modeling of the X-ray-Induced Damage to a Metalloprotein
    J. Phys. Chem. B 117, 9161–9169 (2013)
  3. Halavaty, A. S., and Moffat, K. (2013)
    Coiled-coil dimerization of the LOV2 domain of the blue-light photoreceptor phototropin 1 from Arabidopsis thaliana
    Acta Crystallographica Section F Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications 69, 1316–1321
  4. Jenkins, J. E., Sampath, S., Butler, E., Kim, J., Henning, R. W., Holland, G. P., and Yarger, J. L.
    Characterizing the Secondary Protein Structure of Black Widow Dragline Silk Using Solid-State NMR and X-ray Diffraction
     14, 3472–3483 (2013)
  5. Yang Ouk Jung, Jae Hyuk Lee, Joonghan Kim, Marius Schmidt, Keith Moffat, Vukica Srajer, and Hyotcherl Ihee
    Volume-conserving trans-cis isomerization pathways in photoactive yellow protein visualized by picosecond X-ray crystallography.
    Nat. Chem. 5, 212 (March 2013)
  6. Ren, Z. (2013)
    Reaction Trajectory Revealed by a Joint Analysis of Protein Data Bank
    PLoS ONE 8, e77141
  7. Ren, Z. (2013)
    Reverse Engineering the Cooperative Machinery of Human Hemoglobin
    PLoS ONE 8, e77363
  8. Zhong Ren, Peter W. Y. Chan, Keith Moffat, Emil F. Pai, William E. Royer, Jr., Vukica Srajer and Xiaojing Yang
    Resolution of structural heterogeneity in dynamic crystallography
    Acta Cryst. D69 (2013)
  9. Schmidt, M., Srajer, V., Henning, R., Ihee, H., Purwar, N., Tenboer, J., and Tripathi, S. (2013)
    Protein energy landscapes determined by five-dimensional crystallography.
    Acta Crystallographica Section D Biological Crystallography 69, 2534–2542
  10. Zhao J., Srajer V., and Franzen S.
    Functional consequences of the open distal pocket of dehaloperoxidase-hemoglobin observed by time-resolved X-ray crystallography
    Biochemistry 52 (45), 7943-7950 (2013)


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  1. Eric Collet, Nicolas Moisan, Chérif Baldé, Roman Bertoni, Elzbieta Trzop, Claire Laulhé, Maciej Lorenc, Marina Servol, Hervé Cailleau, Antoine Tissot, Marie-Laure Boillot, Timothy Graber, Robert Henning, Philip Coppens, Marylise Buron-Le Cointe
    Ultrafast spin-state photoswitching in a crystal and slower consecutive processes investigated by femtosecond optical spectroscopy and picosecond X-ray diffraction.
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 14 (18), 6185-6192
  2. S.M. Durbin, T. Clevenger, T. Graber, R. Henning
    X-ray pump optical probe cross-correlation study of GaAs
    Nat. Photonics 6, 111-114 (2012)
  3. Anna Makal, Jason Benedict, Elzbieta Trzop, Jesse Sokolow, Bertrand Fournier, Yang Chen, Jarosław A. Kalinowski, Tim Graber, Robert Henning, Philip Coppens
    Restricted Photochemistry in the Molecular Solid State: Structural Changes on Photoexcitation of Cu(I) Phenanthroline Metal-to-Ligand Charge Transfer (MLCT) Complexes by Time-Resolved Diffraction
    J. Phys. Chem. A 116 (13), 3359-3365 (2012)
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    Time-resolved structural studies at synchrotrons and X-ray free electron lasers: opportunities and challenges
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    Cooperative macromolecular device revealed by meta-analysis of static and time-resolved structures
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  6. Sujatha Sampath, Thomas Isdebski, Janelle E. Jenkins, Joel V. Ayon, Robert W. Henning, Joseph P.R.O. Orgel, Olga Antipoa, Jeffery L. Yarger
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    Soft Matter 8 (25), 2713-2722 (2012)
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    PNAS 109, 19256–19261 (2012)
  9. Florence Teulé, Bennett Addison, Alyssa R. Cooper, Joel Ayon, Robert W. Henning, Chris J. Benmore, Gregory P. Holland, Jeffery L. Yarger, Randolph V. Lewis
    Combining flagelliform and dragline spider silk motifs to produce tunable synthetic biopolymer fibers
    Biopolymers 97 (6), 418-431 (2012)
  10. Shailesh Tripathi, Vukica Šrajer, Namrta Purwar, Robert Henning, Marius Schmidt
    pH Dependence of the Photoactive Yellow Protein Photocycle Investigated by Time-Resolved Crystallography
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  11. Matthew Youngblut, Evan T. Judd, Vukica Srajer, Bilal Sayyed, Tyler Goelzer, Sean J. Elliott, Marius Schmidt, A. Andrew Pacheco
    Laue crystal structure of Shewanella oneidensis cytochrome c nitrite reductase from a high-yield expression system
    J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 17 (4), 647-662 (2012)


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  1. Benedict, J.B., A. Makal, J.D. Sokolow, E. Trzop, S. Scheins, R. Henning, T. Graber, P. Coppens
    Time-resolved Laue diffraction of excited species at atomic resolution: 100 ps single-pulse diffraction of the excited state of the organometalic complex Rh2(µ-PNP)2(PNP)2 BPh4
    Chem. Commun. 47 1704-1706 (2011)
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    Temperature-scan cryocrystallography reveals reaction intermediates in bacteriophystochrome
    Nature 479 428-432 (2011)


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  1. Cho, Hyun Sun, Naranbaatar Dashdorj, Friedrich Schotte, Timothy Graber, Robert Henning, Philip Anfinrud
    Protein structural dynamics in solution unveiled via 100-ps time-resolved x-ray scattering
    PNAS 107 7281-7286 (2010)
  2. Coppens, Philip, Jason Benedict, Marc Messerschmidt, Irina Novozhilova, Tim Graber, Yu-Sheng Chen, Ivan Vorontsov, Stephan Scheinsa, Shao-Liang Zheng
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  1. Knapp, J.E., R. Pahl, J. Cohen, J.C. Nichols, K. Schulten, Q.H. Gibson, V. Srajer, W.E. Royer Jr
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