About The Workshop

This workshop will provide hands-on training in designing and conducting time-resolved experiments principally in macromolecular crystallography, but also in fiber diffraction and solution scattering from biological samples. BioCARS and BioCAT users will learn about the exciting new capabilities in dynamic scattering at beamlines 14-ID and 18-ID.

The workshop will feature three Lecture Sessions. The first will focus on the experimental techniques of time-resolved crystallography using either Laue or monochromatic diffraction. The second concerns a notable challenge of dynamic crystallography lying in data analysis and structure refinement. The third will showcase recent examples of structural dynamics that go beyond classical time-resolved crystallography. Four hands-on sessions (Crystallization, Experiment, Software and Case Study) are designed to offer an overview of various experimental approaches to capturing dynamic structures on the time scale from 100 ps to seconds. In the Crystallization Session, we will demonstrate novel crystallization techniques for room temperature diffraction, often a key requirement for dynamic crystallography. The Software Session will provide training on data analysis and structure refinement of time-dependent structural changes. In the Experiment Session, attendees are invited to bring their own crystal samples and to conduct preliminary testing of their diffraction quality, often the first step in developing time-resolved projects. After the participants have familiarized themselves with a variety of theoretical and practical aspects of time-resolved experiments, we encourage attendees to present their specific cases in structural biology and prospective projects in the Case Study Session. Through one-on-one discussions with BioCARS and BioCAT staff or in a group discussion, this session will provide an opportunity to identify promising experimental approaches, potential difficulties and feasible solutions to the participants’ specific problems.

The workshop registration fee is $75 for students and $125 for others. BioCARS will provide workshop materials and meals, but travel and lodging costs will be covered by participants.


BioCARS and this workshop are supported by NCRR/NIH grant 5 P41 RR007707 to The University of Chicago, Keith Moffat, PI. Additional support for the workshop is provided by the Center for Advanced Radiation Sources of The University of Chicago, which operates BioCARS.

Administrative Contacts


Vukica Srajer

Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0455