Time-resolved X-ray Science at BioCARS: Past, Present, and Future


About The Workshop

The last major upgrade to the BioCARS 14ID beamline, completed in 2008, produced unprecedented time-resolved capabilities that have been exploited in many areas of X-ray science spanning biology, chemistry and physics. An APS-funded upgrade aims to further expand the capabilities of the 14ID beamline for the Physical Sciences. This workshop will bring together practitioners of time-resolved X-ray science to (1) discuss current capabilities and use of 14ID, and (2) discuss future challenges, needs and opportunities provided by the APS Upgrade to this diverse scientific community.

Technical contact

  • Robert Henning
    (630) 252-0446

Upgrade Of The BioCARS Facility

As part of the APS Upgrade project, BioCARS will work with the APS to significantly enhance the facility. A larger 14-ID-B end station will replace the current experimental hutch. The will provide nearly 2.5 times the floor space which allows for more complex experimental setups. The extra space also provides sufficient room for the addition of a secondary K-B mirror system which will be able to focus the X-ray beam down to 7 um (V) x 18 um (H) without losing significant flux. Equipment will be mounted on three separate tables which can be moved on rails. With this flexible configuration, the hutch can easily be optimized for different types of experiments such as standard crystallography, WAXS, low q resolution SAXS and a high demagnification option with the K-B mirror system in place.

This workshop was organized jointly by BioCARS and the Advanced Photon Source. The organizers of the workshop were Robert Henning, Eric Dufresne, Philip Anfinrud, and Vukica Srajer.

Administrative Contacts


Vukica Srajer

Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0455