Workshops And Outreach

Most of training and educational activities in BioCARS are informal, daily, one-to-one interactions with our users and collaborators, but we periodically supplement this extensive informal training with more formal, workshop-type training. For example, a workshop we organized in 2006 focused on time-resolved and Laue techniques.

Because a major mission of the BioCARS facility is to develop time-resolved techniques and to train and expand the user community in this area of research, we commit significant time and effort to training new users in all aspects of the time-resolved technique (hardware, software, experimental procedures, data processing and analysis), and to keeping more experienced users up to date on the latest developments.

Workshop – Tracking Electronic and Structural Dynamics in Proteins and Materials at Sector 14

The major upgrade to the BioCARS 14-ID beamline [1] produced unprecedented time-resolved capabilities that have been exploited for x-ray science spanning biology, chemistry, materials science, and physics. More recently, a new area detector (Rayonix MX340-HS, a 60-megapixel high-readout-rate integrating area detector) and secondary Kirkpatrick-Baez focusing mirrors...

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Satellite Workshop at 2013 APS User Meeting

Time-resolved X-ray Science at BioCARS: Past, Present, and Future HOSTED BY BIOCARS HELD AT ADVANCED PHOTON SOURCE, ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY About The Workshop The last major upgrade to the BioCARS 14ID beamline, completed in 2008, produced unprecedented time-resolved capabilities that have been exploited in many areas of X-ray science spanning biology, chemistry...

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Workshop on Dynamic X-ray Scattering in Structural Biology 2011

About The Workshop This workshop will provide hands-on training in designing and conducting time-resolved experiments principally in macromolecular crystallography, but also in fiber diffraction and solution scattering from biological samples. BioCARS and BioCAT users will learn about the exciting new capabilities in dynamic scattering at beamlines 14-ID and 18-ID....

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