14 BM-C Beamline

The 14-BM-C station is as a fixed-wavelength bending magnet station especially well suited for crystallography of viruses and proteins with large unit cells, as well as collection of atomic ultra-high resolution data. Fiber diffraction is also supported.


  • Bent conical Si-mirror (Rh coated)
  • Bent Ge(111) monochromator

Beam Characteristics

  • Energy range:
    • fixed energy 14 keV (0.886Å)
  • Bandpass:
    • ΔE/E: 3.1 x 10-4
  • Beam size, horizontal x vertical (FWHM):
    • 0.13 x 0.34 mm2


  • Sample positioning:
    • Kappa diffractometer; inclined detector geometry supported
      goniometer head with remote xyz-translation
      B&W and color sample alignment camera
      automated crystal centering
  • Sample to detector distance:
    • 100 to 1000 mm remotely adjustable
  • Sample temperature control:
    • liquid nitrogen sample cooler
  • Pilatus3 S 2M Detector

Other Equipment/Facilities Available

Facility Contacts

Robert Henning

Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0446

Irina Kosheleva

Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0467