Experimental Station Equipment


Pilatus3 S 2M

Active Area:

253.7 x 288.8 mm


1475 x 1679 pixels

172 µm pixel size


2.04 ms

Rayonix MX340-HS

Active Area:

340 mm diameter

Resolution (dependent on binning):

Binning Speed (Frames/Sec) Frame Size (Pixels) Pixel Size (Microns)
1×1 2.5 7680×7680 44.3
2×2 10 3840×3840 88.6
3×3 20 2560×2560 133
4×4 40 1920×1920 177
5×5 55 1536×1536 221
6×6 75 1280×1280 266
8×8 100 960×960 354
10×10 140 768×768 440

Dynamic Range


Def.site file

14-ID-B Rayonix MX340-HS – Download

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ALIO Diffractometer

14 ID-B

The ALIO is a high precision diffractometer with fast translation stages. The phi rotation uses an air bearing to achieve a sphere of confusion of <1 um and can rotate up to 720 degrees per second. The air bearing is mounted on a linear motor stage that has 120 mm of motion (Z motion). Final positioning of the sample is achieved with two piezo motors (X and Y motion) mounted on the surface of the rotation stage. All motions are controlled with a powerful PMAC controller that can be programmed to handle coordinated XYZ motions and can be hardware triggered.

Kappa Diffractometer

A Kappa geometry diffractometer is available in the following BioCARS station:

The angular range of omega and kappa motions is limited by possible collisions with the collimator box, beam stop, detector and detector mount.

For detector distances over 100mm, it is safe to rotate omega between -90° and +90° when kappa is at 0° (usual data collection geometry). For shorter distances, inclined detector geometry or inclined kappa, please contact the  BioCARS Staff.

Samples can be mounted with horizontal spindle (omega=0°, kappa=0°) or inclined spindle (omega=0°, kappa=+60°).

Centering of crystals is motorized (X, Y and Z DC motors).
Travel ranges are:

  • X-axis: -5 to +5 mm
  • Y-axis: -5 to +5 mm
  • Z-axis: -12 to +12 mm

Pins (with loops or capillaries) or magnetic bases are mounted on a drill chuck. Two chuck sizes are available: the large one accommodates 1 to 5 mm pin diameters and the small one accommodates 1 to 3 mm diameters.

The Z-axis travel range accommodates 15-35 mm cryo loop pin lengths (measured from the magnetic base) when the small chuck is used and 25-35 mm pin lengths when the large chuck is used.

Facility Contacts

Robert Henning

Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0446

Irina Kosheleva

Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0467