Remote Access and Data Management

Remote Access

Instructions for Accessing BioCARS Beamline Computers Remotely using RealVNC Connect

Data Management

To get your data, please complete the following

  1. Go to and click the login button. You should be prompted with a list that may have your university/facility in it.  Please select that and then login with your university credentials.  If that doesn’t work, then you should be able to use a google login or go to Globus ID to setup an account.
  2. Setup necessary software on the computer where you want the data to be transferred to.  It could be on a laptop or desktop computer for now but it also could be where ever you store your data in the long term.  Go to to download and install the version for your operating system.  It should allow you to create an endpoint which is just the location where you want to transfer the data to.

Once you complete these tasks, please send the account name that you used to log into Globus to your BioCARS staff contact.  At that point, we will send you a link to your data on our endpoint.  Once you have that you should be able to go to the Globus web page and start a data transfer.

Computing Contacts

Robert Henning

Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0446