Software – HKL-2000

HKL-2000 is available on the Linux Processing Computers. The program was written by Dr. Zbyszek Otwinowski (Southwestern Medical Center, University of Texas) and Dr.Wladek Minor (University of Virginia).

The HKL package development is supported by the NIH grant GM-53163 to the laboratories of Prof. Zbyszek Otwinowski (Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas) and Prof. Wladek Minor (University of Virginia). The HKL Program Package available at the BIOCARS beamlines at APS is provided on the basis of scientific collaboration free of any charges by the program authors. The synchrotron versions are time stamped and are usually upgraded every 3-6 months.

Starting HKL-2000

Once you are logged into one of the processing computers, you can start HKL-2000 by typing

  • HKL2000


User manuals for HKL-2000 are available in each station and Online. files

The files are available for users who want to process their data using HKL2000 at their home institution.

  • 14-BM-C ADSC 315 – download
  • 14-ID-B Rayonix MX340HS – download
  • 14-ID-B MarCCD 165 – download
    (PC users, right click and choose “Save Target As…”)


The use of the package should be referenced in publication as follows:

  • Z. Otwinowski and W. Minor.  Processing of X-ray Diffraction Data Collected in Oscillation Mode.  Methods in Enzymology, Volume 276: Macromolecular Crystallography, part A, p. 307-326 (1997), C.W. Carter, Jr. and R.M. Sweet, Eds., Academic Press.

Computing Contacts

Robert Henning

Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0446