Off-line and on-line micro-spectrophotometry is proving to be an important tool for assessing the catalytic properties of enzymes in the crystal (Bourgeois et al., 2002; Pearson et al., 2007). It can be applied to metallo-enzymes, photosensitive proteins or proteins with co-factors, substrates or products that absorbs in UV-VIS. Micro-spectrophotometry can be used to confirm the presence or absence of a substrate or a co-factor, as well as the redox state of a protein. It can also aid the design of efficient triggering of a reaction in the crystals or trapping of intermediate states. On-line micro-spectrophotometry is also particularly useful for assessing radiation damage, including the unwanted redox processes triggered by intense x-ray beams, and for determining the best data collection strategy for avoiding the extensive radiation damage (Berglund et al., 2002; Pearson et al., 2007)

BioCARS micro-spectrophotometer is available to users for crystal absorption measurements both on-line, in the 14-BM-C station, and a stand-alone instrument for off-line measurements. We use modified 4DX XSPECTRA micro-spectrophotometer system. For testing of photo-sensitive samples, external illumination with laser or LED light sources at various wavelengths can be accommodated.  


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