Scientific Program

National User Facility

BioCARS is a national user facility for synchrotron-based dynamic studies in structural biology and the physical sciences. Two experimental stations (14 ID-B and 14 BM-C) are presently operated. All BioCARS beam time is available to the scientific community through the General User Program of the Advanced Photon Source. Extensive training and support are available to users through both informal and formal programs.


Scientific Specialties

Material Science, Chemistry, and Physics


  • BioCARS is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciencesof the National Institutes of Health under grant number P41 GM118217.
  • Facility upgrades to achieve approval for a BSL-2/3 rating were supported by funding from the Advanced Photon Source.
  • Enhancement of time-resolved capabilities were funded in part through a collaboration with Philip Anfinrud (NIH/NIDDK).
  • Time-resolved X-ray scattering in material science, chemistry and physics at BioCARS is supported by APS/DOE.

Scientific Contacts

Robert Henning
Research Associate Professor
Operations Manager/Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0446

Irina Kosheleva
Research Beamline Scientist
(630) 252-0467

Keith Moffat
Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
(773) 702-2116

Rama Ranganathan
Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Institute for Molecular Engineering

Vukica Srajer
Research Professor
BioCARS co-PI, Associate Project Manager
(630) 252-0455