Education and Outreach


User training is at the core of our facility’s mission, and we commit a significant amount of staff effort to training users in the application of advanced macromolecular crystallographic techniques such as time-resolved Laue crystallography as well as time-resolved solution scattering.

Another aspect of our mission is to keep present and prospective users, and the broader scientific community well informed about capabilities and unique aspects of the BioCARS facility and important scientific findings by our users and staff. To this end, BioCARS staff members actively participate in dissemination efforts by publishing in widely read, peer-reviewed journals, by contributing book chapters and review articles, and by participating in national and international scientific conferences. We also recently initiated BioCARS Zoom Seminar Series with topics including both results of users experiments conducted at BioCARS as well as general topics of interest to time-resolved X-ray science communities.

Educational Resources